Morning Scout

Well it’s that time of year again, and I am roaming the mountains in search of Deer and Elk to get me through the winter. I also am collecting wild mushrooms.

This year while exploring a new area for Elk hunting I found a great mushroom area. I was exploring in the area near Gov’t Camp, Oregon, looking for likely places for elk to gather during the rut, when I found a large meadow along the Salmon River.


Frying Pan lake

I get up early to go check it out, hoping to find some Elk still moving around. when I got to the area it was just getting light, but already raining pretty good.

Lots of rabbits running around, but no Elk. I put on my rain gear to go hike the meadow and check for tracks and signs of what might be using the area.

While walking through the woods between where I had left my truck and the meadow, I noticed a great variety of mushrooms. There were Amanita muscaria in great abundance, and Chicken of the woods, Scaly vase Chanterelle, lions mane, and Golden Chanetrelle.


Of these, only the Chicken of the woods, Lions mane, and Golden Chanterelles are safe to eat, but there were plenty of them around so I gathered a few pounds and continued on my way.

As I thought, there was nothing walking around the meadow but me, I did find some interesting tracks though..


The rain was getting worse and I was getting hungry so I headed back to the truck to dry off and get a snack.

I will focus more on foraging for wild mushrooms in another post, but for now I have chores to do.

Until next time….



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