What can I say, I enjoy airgunning and airgun hunting.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. What area of the State do you live? I live up in North Central Oregon, and the Grey Diggers are heading for cover when I break out my Marauders and AirForce Talon SS. I enjoy popping those GD’s with the PCP’s. Just stumbles across your site and was interested in dropping a note. I was down in Spray area looking for Hogs and not seeing any dropped over 200 sage rats with the M-Rod and P-rod. Thanks for a fun site. Will be droping in from time to time, Shawn (Critter Gitter)


    • Hey Shawn,
      Thanks for the kind words. I live in Madras. I also enjoy shooting up the Grey diggers and sage rats, though sage rats are not that plentiful here. At least not in areas where I have permission to shoot. Much of this area is private like the rest of oregon. Fortunately the rabbits are plentiful on BLM land, and in the nearby national forest land. The wild hogs are out there, I see them quite often on my travels. I am not familiar with the area around Spray, but I know the hogs started out at Ashwood and spread from there. It is mostly private land there (ofcourse) but there are islands of BLM land here and there, you just have to keep after them.


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