A little exercise after dinner

Wow what a meal, but now I need to get up and move or I will fall asleep. So out the door I go rifle in hand. Time to take a walk with my new rifle, the Benjamin Discovery in .22cal .

I actually had to drive about 5mi. to get out to where I walk, but once there I set about stalking through the junipers and sage, stopping every few feet to look around. The rabbits this time of year are exactly where they should be, in the shade because man it’s hot even at night.

It’s not long before I spot one sitting in it’s scrape (an area under a tree where it has scraped all debris away to get to the cool dirt underneath). It has it’s ears folded back in typical fashion pretending to be a rock. It is about 45yrds away, but it’s sitting still so I take the shot.


I continue on across the flats toward a small draw as the sun starts to dip low in the sky, and find a couple more before making the complete circle back to my truck.


Exercise is good after dinner, especially if you have a rifle in your hand. 🙂

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